Hospice Business Start-up Process

Your experience began when you found 21st Century Home Health Care Consultants, on the web, through an association or through the advice of a friend or colleague. Once you call or email 21st Century Home Health Care Consultants, you are greeted by one of our Quality Commitment Specialists. Our Quality Commitment Specialists will be your points of contact prior to joining 21st Century Home Health Care Consultants. Not only will our Quality Commitment Specialists make themselves available to you by phone or email to provide unlimited, no charge, hassle-free home care consulting, they will make themselves available to you for the lifetime of your agency to assure Quality Commitment is achieved, and all of your expectations are being reached.

Hospice Business Licensing Process

Once you join 21st Century Home Health Care Consultants, you will be introduced to your account manager, one of our Hospice Business Licensing and Hospice Business Compliance Specialists. Our Hospice Business Licensing and Hospice Business Compliance Specialists will hold your hand through each step of the hospice licensure process (if applicable) and assure you are abiding by all State home care standards and requirements. From your incorporation, through licensure, your account manager is personally responsible for your account and your main point of contact moving forward.

Hospice Policy and Procedure Manuals

We are the only consulting company that writes its own policy and procedure manuals customize to meet your state's specific operational requirements. This process includes our administrator who will provide assistance to our Registered Nurses who customize your hospice policy and procedure manuals specifically for your hospice agency. Our Office Administrators are responsible for assuring your hospice policies as well as other hospice forms and documents are accurate and delivered to you in a timely manner.

Hospice Business Consultants

At this point, you may already have questions in regard to the clinical or administrative functions of your home care agency. When you do, you will speak with one of our Masters Prepared Registered Nurses in our Clinical Department. Among these Registered Nurses is our CEO Rosina McFadden who always makes herself available to our clients. Our Masters Prepared Registered Nurses, along with customizing your hospice policies and procedures to assure they meet all state and accreditation standards, are available to answer any clinical or administrative questions you might have.

Hospice Business Marketing

While waiting on your home care license to be approved (if applicable) we will begin working on your customized home care brochures, business cards and website.

Hospice Business Training

When you attend home care training, you will meet our entire staff of 40+ employees. Our staff will make themselves available to you over the phone or in person at your request for the lifetime of your hospice care agency. Training takes place quarterly. This includes three days of intense training. There is no limit as to how often you and your staff may attend our training seminar. Our home care consulting services are always available to you. If you have questions, we have answers. You will have access to our online training academy program. You will take part in our live webinar training program. You will start your marketing campaigns with professional presentations specially designed for patient resources you identify in your service area.

21st Century Home Health Care Consultants

Together we have successfully helped more than a thousand home care agencies achieve their goals. Our track record is flawless. No other home care consultant has been in the home care consulting business for as long as 21st Century Home Health Care Consultants, nor do they have as many employees or references.

Choose the proven hospice business startup process, choose 21st Century Health Care Consultants as your hospice busines consultant.

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