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All that are involved in Hospice care share a similar vision that no one is ordinary. That uniqueness is respected when that individual is nearing the end of life’s journey.

In 2009, more than 40% of all deaths in the United States were people receiving hospice care … nearly twice as many as in 2000.

At 21st Century Hospice Consulting Services we understand how to improve the quality of life for those with progressive, advanced or terminal illnesses. This requires highly developed skills. In addition, a sustainable business model within a positive organizational culture is essential.

If you are considering opening a Home Hospice Agency then look no further. We provide a completely turnkey hospice startup program.

21st Century Hospice Consulting Services employs a team approach to assisting individuals with opening new Hospice Agencies. We are focused on the critical issues of organizational performance, strategy development, licensure and accreditation, interim management, executive coaching, and the many other challenges Hospice Agencies face every day.

We understand the importance of developing effective partnerships and how critical it is for long-term success.

Through years of Hands on experience our hospice consultants have a complete understanding of Home Hospice Care and how to set up and help you operate your own successful Hospice Agency. We provide our clients with a complete understanding of all Home Hospice care requirements. We are experts in clinical and operational requirements needed to maximize your organizations performance.

21st Century Hospice Consulting Services was established in January 1995 to service the dedicated needs of home health agencies. Through the years we have assisted well over a thousand clients to open and successfully operate their very own agencies.

Comprehensive support services, tools, resources and in-depth training best describes our Home Hospice new agency start-up program.

Let me share with you some reasons why we have the most successful Hospice Startup Program in the industry.

  • You provide us the application information, and we do the rest. We complete all of the applications and paperwork requirements necessary to start your hospice agency. The recent and ongoing changes to licensing standards and regulatory requirements can make this part of the startup process challenging. We complete the more extensive licensing procedures needed to become a Medicare Hospice Agency. This includes the CMS required 855a Medicare Application and civil rights package.
  • We offer a very complete operational package. Our Hospice Policies and Procedures, Nursing Procedures, Patient Admission Packets, Personnel Files, Forms, Logs, In-Service Education Plans, Patient Teaching Guides, Committee Minutes, etc. are customized to meet your Home Hospice Agency’s needs.
  • Our Home Hospice Agency policy and procedure manuals are written specifically to meet your States requirements as well as meeting the requirements of Medicare and the Accrediting Body you choose (Watermarked with your Agency’s name and logo).
  • We offer a lifetime training and support program through our Home Care University
  • We work with all three Accrediting agencies. The Community Heath Accreditation Program, The Accreditation Commission for Health Care and The Joint Commission
  • We provide 3 days of personal training with a skilled Hospice RN at your office to ensure you are off to a good start before your state licensure. We also return to do a mock survey before your Medicare Survey in order to ensure your success. In addition, our Clinicians and Licensure Experts are available to you throughout the entire process.

Find out why Health care leaders have chosen 21st Century Hospice Consulting Services for results that lead to improved quality, reimbursement, clinical and operational outcomes. Let us provide you with the very best education, hospice training and support services. It not only assures that your hospice agency gets Medicare certification … it also ensures that your hospice agency is well-prepared to operate and be completely successful in the ever-changing hospice arena.

Contact us for more information and a no obligation consultation about Medicare accreditation. 888-850-6932

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About 21st Century Health Care Consultants.

During its existence, 21st Century Health Care Consultants has successfully helped establish obtain licensure and home healthcare Medicare accreditation for more than 4000 Home Health Care and Hospice businesses. 21st Century Health Care Consultants have assisted clients in the establishment of such home care businesses in all states that do not require a certificate of need (meaning the state is not accepting new license applications). We pride ourselves in our ability to complete state Home Health Care license applications, Medicare applications quickly, without error. We successfully prepare our clients for their home care license inspections and Medicare Accreditation surveys.

In our long history, we have never had a Home Health Care business fail to obtain its state license or home health care Medicare accreditation.

Today 21st Century has 48+ full time employees located at its Florida headquarters as well as Las Vegas, Nevada locations. We have assisted clients in the establishment of such Home Care Businesses in 48 of the 50 states.

Unlike most companies who offer diluted consulting in many different areas, we offer and pride ourselves at being the best in this one area of “Medicare, Medicaid and Private Duty Accreditation Preparation and Certification”.

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